The PCO Way

H Heroic Customer Service
E We make it Easy
R Responsibility to our community
O Opportunity for employees
I Integrity in everything we do
C Commitment to continual improvement

PCO exists to make a difference. We are committed to positively impacting our customers, employees, and community. We accomplish this by focusing on our core values and by being an innovator in the markets we serve. We believe that we can achieve far more collectively than as individuals..

PCO is dedicated to heroic customer service and complete customer satisfaction. We achieve this objective by treating our customers as we would have them treat us. We never lose sight of this commitment when faced with difficult situations and especially in our customers’ time of need. We empower our employees to do “whatever it takes” to provide the heroic service our customers deserve.

PCO is committed to making it easy. We strive to make our products easy to use by focusing on simple yet elegant designs. We also put great emphasis on making ourselves readily available and easy to do business with.

PCO believes in being responsible to our community. We accomplish this through regular contributions to charitable organizations, hands-on participation in community works projects, minimizing the impact of our business on the environment, and through the direct support of disadvantaged children and those less fortunate.

PCO understands that its people are its greatest asset. We focus on providing all employees with an opportunity to succeed. We demonstrate this commitment through profit sharing, a structured performance review process, continuing education opportunities, and by supporting advancement from within.

PCO is committed to demonstrating integrity in everything it does. Our people hold themselves accountable to this standard and refuse to accept anything less. We are swift, deliberate, and just in all matters concerning integrity.

PCO is dedicated to continual improvement. Our company is something special and we do it justice by striving to make it the best. A particular point is made to reward those employees who provide leadership in our pursuit of perfection.

At the end of the day two very important groups of people make PCO what it is. These groups are our valued customers and our talented team of employees. PCO does “whatever it takes” to respect, honor, care for, and protect these two groups because ultimately it is they who make The PCO Way possible.

Together we can and will make a difference.